When ordering tangible components off the internet or through a store, the logistics dictate that somewhere along the route from the manufacturer to you, a truck of some sorts will be employed. These Harrier Carriers are 18 wheeled wagons that has the majority of its volume dedicated to holding packages bound for end users. The trucks come in a multitude of sizes and are crammed full of horsepower and ground clearance to insure off road delivery if needed. The Over the Road Transportation industry employs about 8.7 million people of which 3.5 million are professional truck drivers with good work ethics and courteous attitudes. However, as in all industries, there are a few individuals that slip through the grates and end up on the same highways that we traverse. These Mad Maxs are out there, across America with one goal in mind: to get your stuff to its destination as quickly as possible, regardless of safety. At times they will misjudge their speed in a turn, get distracted or fall asleep at the wheel. With all that diesel torque, heavy weight and a high center of gravity, it will go sliding down the road, flip in the median strip or fall off the edge of the highway. It then becomes a Christmas Crash where the entire contents within are thrown all over the accident scene like a broken piñata. The gifts are strewn everywhere and a mad dash by the first motorists on the scene unfolds. They grab as many prizes as possible before the State Troopers show up and chase away the looters. People will fill up their cars with highway booty regardless of the components. Shingles, soap, soup, shoes, saltines and sodas are just a few of the fantastic souvenirs available to the lucky ones. This human behavior was recently incorporated in a tactic used by the U.S. government to get rid of nuclear power plant wastes. They filled a truck with radionuclides stuffed into Twinkies and crashed it in the inner city. The homeless feasted for days, then less homeless went home. 

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