After a decade and a fifth of mandatory education passes slowly through one’s youth, some people contemplate additional schooling. Two thirds of high school graduates in the US choose to enter college of which only one third of these graduate with a 4-year degree. Graduating then places these elites into positions of authority and wealth, but not always. Two prominent factors that are family instilled and are considered important to most employers are work ethic and attendance. Constantly coming in late plays havoc with the rest of the work force along with goldbricking to further incite discord. Management is required to nip these “undesirables” in the bud and establish a smooth flowing machine that gets the job executed precisely. These directors, after 40 plus years of selfless service, now see the end of the runway through deaths of former employees and elect to retire. WRONG!  A lifetime of steering a rolling ship through years of troubled water has turned these captains of industry into stout sailors that know, no other life. They convince themselves that burying themselves in useless hobbies will give them satisfaction in life. They constantly think about all those negative episodes that took place in the past. It was these victories over the tremendous odds that gave meaning to their importance as a human being and instilled pride. Lacking personal contacts on a daily basis, the individual in his retirement mode, will sit on a park bench and wait for anyone that will listen to their fantastic experiences. The spouse and immediate family have no interest in these stories, for they have heard them hundreds of times before. Soon depression sets in and the functions of the body slowly decay and give rise to an army of invisible tormentors whose hit and run tactics riddle your anatomy with pain. Your daily past time is now reading the magazines in the doctors’ waiting rooms. This is retirement. Enjoy the tar out of this special time, you’ve earned it. 

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