On January 20, 2017, Donald John Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, and his citizens await anxiously to see if he makes good on his campaign promises. Foremost, on many people’s minds, is the construction of a wall separating the United States from Mexico. Undocumented immigrants entering from the south send fear into the hearts of most Americans. This process has gone on for centuries, but recent terrorism has fortified new phobias. Mr. Trump is a staunch businessman at the core and he sees golden opportunities. He is well aware of what cheap, manual labor can do for the bottom line, and if this 1,989-mile continental border wall is to be built, he will quickly fire up a company to supply bricks and labor for its construction. Avoiding the controversy and the ugliness of the Berlin Wall, this barrier will have an architectural firm, secretly part of the Donald John Trump Corporation, design a historically correct and elegant rampart using Spanish Arches throughout its length. This scheme will be two-fold in that the arches will save material (a bonus for the taxpayers) and a filtering system to allow in only the more intelligent Mexicans, who are needed to keep our food prices down and our toilets spotless.  Similar to a minnow trap, the mentally challenged border-jumpers will be trapped behind the solid portion of the wall, while the fumbling few with bleeding skulls will be turned back because of their inability to negotiate a safe path through the highest part of the arch. The best and the brightest, who figured out how to safely negotiate a path through the center of an archway, will be allowed citizenship. The D.J.T. Corporation will profit tremendously from supplying the elite labor force for the agricultural, construction, and domestic cleaning industries. Diamond Donny may very well be the world’s first trillionaire; and we will all applaud his savvy business skills. And you thought Willy was slick.  

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