Four types of people, that exhibit below average stature, currently exist on earth today. They fall into one of these categories: 1) PYGMIES. This ethnic group consists of different tribes of individuals found in equatorial Africa. They are depicted as having the height 4′ 11″or less. The term pygmy is commonly applied to this region of the world, but other ethnic groups in other parts of the world share the same term. Diminutive people can be found in Brazil, Southeast Asia, and Australia and their vertically challenged condition can be indirectly linked to malnutrition. 2) MIDGETS. This group of people exists amongst a normal height of population and is the direct result of a malfunction of the growing process. They are classified as 4′ 10″ or less but are proportional throughout in limb lengths. 3) DWARFS. This group is similar to midgets, but the trait that sets it off from another category is the disproportionate limb length. This genetic defect can be caused by more than 360 medical conditions. The record for the shortest dwarf is 1′ 9″ inches tall held by Chandra Dangi. 4) MUNCHKINS. This group is unique and stands out instantly from the other 3 groups by its distinct attribute of being endowed with yellow genitalia. In the males, the penis and scrotum display a bright, canary yellow color and the females possess an intense, lemon chiffon tinted, yellow vagina. Scientists have speculated that this is the result of a hormonal aberration of the element, sulfur. They have also theorized that unbonded, pure sulfur in their brains is responsible for their pathetic, sexist behavior. Munchkins are extremely lascivious and perverted little rascals and possess no inhibitions in confronting total strangers about sex. Do you remember what the Mayor of Munchkin County said to the young, innocent Dorothy Gale of Kansas, when she asked for directions to the Land of Oz? His disgusting reply was a blatant, “SWALLOW THE YELLOW DICK LOAD!” 

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