Far away, behind a galaxy that is forever blocking our view, lies another galaxy that contains an advanced civilization that very few people know of. Within this galaxy exists a lifeform that would be classified as Level 4 of the Kardashev scale of seven levels total.  Earth is classified as Level 0 but has been upgraded to 0.73, just to appease us. Every now and then, they check back by communicating indirectly with very select humans to view our progress. They do not own flying saucers, as they have viewed this to be a big waste of time. Eons ago, when the universe was much more densely packed, they experimented with different propulsion systems, but elected instead to master entanglement. This bewildering physics concept allows instantaneous connection to another set of particles, no matter how far away.  In this case, it was very unique human brains. Gibberanty (a verbal translation of their thought meaning ‘scout’) had this talent. He slept a large amount of his life away because sleep is the only way humans can make these connections. He was given dreams that permitted a slight view of just how advanced these creatures were. He saw incredible accomplishments and knowledge, but with mere English, he was unable to articulate what he dreamt. He was a camera for the creatures of far away, but they understood his primitive nature and had patience and compassion.  They had made random contact with humans of earlier times and were interested in their development. They did not grasp the violence that was implanted in humans by nature and tried to understand war, murders, and genocide. When their human communicators died, contact was severed, and centuries passed before another avenue opened up. Gibberanty’s death terminated that link. As before, they have honored all their human ambassadors with a gift. Beneath Gibberanty’s property, when the Texas soil erodes away in 5 thousand years, it will then expose an enormous, white dolomite clad, 455′ tall pyramid. 

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