For hundreds of centuries, ingrained in human beings’ beliefs was the notion that our planet Earth was at the center of the universe and all other celestial bodies paid homage by rotating around us. In the early 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus postulated the idea of the sun being at the center of our universe and all objects revolve around it. This upset the clerics who found Galileo Galilea guilty of heresy and sentenced him to life imprisonment for his telescope observations that the heliocentric theory was correct. Actually, the whole universe idea is a chemical reaction that takes place in the minds of the creatures that exist here. The Earth is merely a giant ball of fecal material that is infested with millions of forms of life feeding on it. At the lowest levels are bacteria and viruses that first took hold a long time ago that fed on the raw ingredients contained on the surface of this stool. They broke it down into the energy it needed to survive and created new chemical compounds. These promoted more complex organisms that create higher tiers of life that repeat the process. This whole planet is a collection of life forms that constantly engage in endless buffets. That generates energy, which generates life, then dies, and leaves organic debris that other creatures feed on. The sun, stars, and planets are brain stimulations induced by the chemicals released by digestion. The highest form of bacteria, known as HUMAN BEINGS, have an exceptional central nervous system that is easily influenced by chemicals found in nature, such as alcohol and heroin. It is here where thoughts of an infinite universe exist and is spread to other members of their colonies through their recorded ‘gospel’ teachings. It is nothing more than a chemical reaction that creates an illusion of something that is real and employs many scientists who eat caviar and Wagyu Beef to further envision their theories. We are simply bathroom bacteria living on God’s turd. 

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