Pierre Leblatz invoked the same old game plan to motivate his workers, free donuts. These sugar suckers will fan their fannies off for a Chocolate Eclair. Thirty years prior, the thought of modern people doing repetitious, mundane labor would be absurd, but with mandated, expensive fusion power plants churning out $8 a kilowatt-hour power, 3rd world labor can now make a decent living. Expensive to operate electric fans for cooling these state-of-the-art generating stations using magnetically held, plasma fusion reactors, have been nixed. They rely on good old fashioned, cheap, human muscle to accomplish this. With plenty of minions, the cooling plant can achieve near hurricane wind speeds when motivated. Pierre’s management skills have even penetrated the accounting department as they have authorized free beans in the lunchroom, just to keep the breeze going at break time. Mr. Leblatz takes his job quite seriously, as anyone should, because he knows what lies on the other side of that containment vessel: 100% pure hell. With a 600°C operating temperature extracting heat from a 100,000,000°C source, his delta T’s (temperature differential) are off the chart. It is like using a rocket engine to propel a baby carriage, just throttle it down a bit. He is well aware of the dangers involved in maintaining that cooling barrier between hell and the real world. Unleashing that mega maelstrom into the world of flesh and bone would annihilate any evidence that they were even here. The risk is tolerated because humans cooking on a greenhouse planet is unacceptable (?). He knows the real reason this technology was implemented. Someone stuck a lot of money into this adventure with the whole goal of getting a lot more out. Besides reigning in CO2 emissions, the scientists needed to inflate their egos by proving it’ll work and most of the engineers said it was safe. The owners are also selling deadly plasma cannons on the side. War is where the huge profits come from. 

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