Imagine a breed of intelligent life that thinks it can duplicate the energy of a sun’s core with its crushing gravity containment vessel, and then try to do it safely on earth. Every year, this life form exponentially increases its knowledge of its own universe but specializes each field to a specific group. Without one brain to direct the entire spectrum of information, something will be missed, either due to forgetfulness or a protective pride. This is the formula for an accident, and accidents are instrumental in the shortening of one’s productive existence (death). Perhaps the fusion program’s only goal was to decrease human overpopulation and reign in its destructive effect on planet earth. With fusion plants worldwide blowing up and a complete media lockdown, it wouldn’t be too long before the human race was back down to a manageable number of around 1 billion. Using fusion to vaporize people was the goal of the Cold War era, but the poisoning fission ignitor was the undesirable factor that held back the leaders’ decisions to launch. The remaining landscape would be too toxic for the elites. With the introduction of clean fusion that required just a little bit of fission to get it started, acceptable amounts of radionuclides would be tolerated. Pierre Leblatz’s FR 7734 was the experiment to try and attract a data set of ‘volunteers’ in and around the plant. It worked quite well. Now this plan can be implemented in the dense cities where the concentrations of humans and fusion reactors are located. OPERATION: THINNING THE TURDS has commenced, and it won’t be long before the number of select individuals remain. The idle coal fired powerplants are standing by, ready to generate electricity to make their lives comfortable. As the elites gather at 5-star venues to toast their success in the ultimate genocide, they still can’t believe that so many people bought into the global warming scam. Champagne glasses touched the grey skies of fresh dead people. 

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