A warm summer evening in Suburban America brings out a diverse cross section of inquisitive, congenial citizens prepped for the inspection of a large parking lot loaded with colorful, antique cars. This is the essence of our country: showing off your skills at customizing, restoring, or revamping your automobile. After 5 generations, the Boomlets (Z Generation) are looking for a change of pace. No longer interested in viewing relics from the past that have a jaded history of killing about 102 Americans per day, they are now free to research their interests, via the internet, en route to their destinations because the vehicles drive themselves. Accident free and paying no car insurance premiums, Boomlets will now have surplus cash to pursue their new hobby of customizing their coffins. Purchased at a young age when the mind is sharp and the emotions of death are way off in the future, the Z-ites are free to modify and work on the vehicle that they will spend far more time in, than their generic drone cars. Doubling as a work station during their waking hours, the “Control Center Caskets”, or the Cee Cubed as they are known, will create and carry all their precious memories as they text, video, and game their lives from their custom coffins. Equipped with Wi-Fi, direct cloud access and a wajillion bits of memory, these treasured trucks of transportation into the World Wide Web will fill their brief breathing years with enough information to take them into the next life, where they will sift through it for eternity. Their personalities will surface in the design of their caskets with custom paint jobs, exotic themes, and high-tech materials. Proud as hell to display their personalized Cee Cubers, there will be a Website streaming 3D and rotating viewpoints of their fantastic creations 24-7. The Boomlets will be, by far, the happiest generation ever to have inhabited this wonderful, precious planet and will exit in ecstasy in their coffin chariots. 

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