The gurney achieved top speed as it raced down the hallway in the emergency ward heading for the surgical room. Medical personnel were barking vital statistics so as to keep the team informed as to the current condition of the propelled patient. The assembled mass of humanity and hardware slammed open the doors and the group quickly dragged the unconscious lifeform onto the operating table. Multiple connections into monitors, and meters confirm the team’s fears. The human on the table is dying and has begun the transition of slowly shutting down the organs. John Doe has embarked on a fictitious, aquatic journey known as “going down the drain”. This voyage starts in large, slow, circular motions alongside the walls of a theoretical cylinder or sink. At this point, the individual can attempt to grab hold of the side walls as protrusions and roughness interrupts the surface. These “handholds” are a last-ditch effort by the medical crew who are injecting the victim with vial after vial of pharmaceuticals to try and retrieve them from the swirling abyss. A few manage to pull themselves out, but most succumb to the intense current and with each revolution, the walls erode quickly, leaving a slippery surface that seals their fate. Once they are out of reach, it is but a matter of time before the decreasing diameter and increasing speed carry them to the drain where they transition from an energy consumer to a source of energy. Eat or be eaten. The bacteria within them now turn upon the host and a feeding frenzy ensues. Years ago, constructing their dream home, their builder installed lights directly above their kitchen sink. No one ever installs a light underneath the kitchen sink, lest they fearfully watch their future demise being played out by a piece of corn twirling down the drain, back lit by an undercabinet light shining through the translucent plastic drainpipe. The entity soon goes down the drain, and rapidly it HEADS FOR THE LIGHT!  

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