For a small fee of 30K to 450 thousand dollars, you can have delivered to your door, an engineered diamond making machine (E.D.M.M). This high pressure, high temperature, massive contraption will make over 500 diamonds per year for you. Merely hook it up to an adequate electrical supply, stick in a tiny diamond fragment, add a little pencil lead (pure carbon) and sit back and watch this magic machine make more money then you’ve ever dreamed of. Still not enough? Buy another. The end product is a chemically identical pure diamond just like the ones coming from the mines in Africa, only with less bloodshed. If you add trace amounts of specific elements, you can change the color, just like in nature and will be able to fetch higher prices. Experiment enough with the Periodic Table and you just might latch on to a unique combination that will draw the attention of the 1%ers who will pay anything. The end result is still a piece of common carbon in an uncommon lattice array, forged by heat and pressure. Why people pay large sums of money for formally rare rocks that can now be made at home, is an exercise in magnificent marketing. Advertising is expensive, and your radios and televisions are awash with jeweler commercials telling the males that the only real way to prove their love is with a real diamond. However, being young and having little money, they will sell you, at a 30% discount, a laboratory diamond (chemically, a real diamond). Could it be they’re making a dollar or two off their hype? If one is looking for extreme uniqueness and is willing to pay a king’s ransom for it, then combine two industries that have a lot of blood attached to them. Utilizing the unique nature of a fetus, take a small sample of an aborted human embryo, add some carbon, and insert it into the E.D.M.M. Both of these businesses are out there and licensed by governments. Truth in advertising will prevail in the manufacturing of the lifelike and brilliant, NEW BORN DIAMONDS. 

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