This fairy tale was written by an Austrian writer named Felix Salten in 1923, shortly after The Great War, which was later renamed World War I when humans started counting man’s propensity to annihilate himself numerically. The full title, BAMBI, A LIFE IN THE WOODS, was a novel using roe deer, a species found in Europe and western Asia, as the main characters. It is described as a coming of age lesson in the life of one young, male mammal and his playful experiences. Bullshit! This was a military propaganda primer about war. Bambi was a fresh recruit mammal raised by his mother to be a soldier in the battle of life. He is at first coddled and protected in the safety of the forest, and later, taken to the meadow where the drums of war abound. Bambi is told of the deadly creatures known as MEAN, that were enemies of all the roes; and through treachery and advanced weaponry, MEAN would kill them on sight. Bambi was introduced to his allies, and his first friend was Thumper the Rabbit, representing firearms and artillery that was capable of destroying the MEAN at great distances. The Thumper Company was an industrial explosives, military contractor. Bambi’s other friend was Flower the Skunk, a formidable backup in case Thumper failed to stop the MEAN. The Flower Inc. manufactured chlorine, mustard, and phosgene gases and was a feared and effective destroyer of the enemy in trench warfare. So evil in its devastation of its victims, that even today, the gaseous Flower the Skunk is absolutely forbidden in battlefields. Bambi’s choice of allies helped him to achieve his conquests in life. This included surviving his enemies’ assaults, returning home to procreate the species and provide future warriors for the fight. Ever vigilant, Bambi and his heirs maintain a strong military presence for the protection of freedom and roe-ligion. If Bambi smells the stench of war in his neck of the woods, this able warrior and his pals will go off. BAM! 

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