Fresh off the adolescence boat, and boarding the young adult train, these humans are in for the time of their lives. Their baggage consists of fully developed sex organs and its related hormonal accompaniment, including breasts and beards. Also on board are incredible physical strength, stamina, and curiosity. What is absent from the luggage is experience. When the age set by the guardians of a region comes into view, it’s off to the races. The country’s states or provinces have predetermined that somewhere between 16 and 25, a young individual has earned the right to enter establishments, commingle and consume a variety of liquid mood and behavior changing chemicals known simply as ethyl alcohol. These bars, taverns, pubs, or watering holes become the focal point in a young person’s life. It is here that one may potentially find that soul mate for life. RIGHT? Inside is a bevy of potential candidates along with older groups to either guide the apprentices in their behavior or laugh hysterically at their stupidity. These are the rules, so let the games begin. Around 7PM the contestants start gathering and strategically place themselves at prime locations at the bar. The best spot is at the bar bend so you can view all at the bar and anyone who enters the front door, otherwise you’ll be forced to turn around in unison when the portal opens. Everyone enters in groups, but all are willing to ditch their flock if the right mate surfaces. One by one, pairs congregate and then move around if the find is unsatisfactory. Over time, and an increase in blood alcohol levels, the handsomes start leaving with their selections. All that remains at closing time are the uglies, the weirdos, and the physical misfits. In desperation, the remaining 10 males strive for the last female. When last call is heard, anxiety fills the air as all await her decision. She gets up and heads for the one who made her feel good tonight. She leaves with the grinning bartender. 

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