As dawn intimidates the night away, the still air is disturbed by a lone figure walking towards the mechanical room on the far end of the complex. He’s been planning his escape for months, via the internet, waiting for the right conditions, and today is the day. A short, driven man, with decades of surgical scars and substandard results, Tony Cook shuffles his aged frame with determination to gain access to the electrical room where the institution’s electronic surveillance gets its power. Using a stolen key, entry is accomplished, and the main circuit breaker is thrown, shutting off all power to the nursing home. This activates the backup generator that will only maintain critical care to unfortunate individuals who are tethered to the money-making medical machines and emergency lights. Without cameras, and confusion filling the complex, Mr. COOK makes his way to the deactivated front gate where two individuals await him in a late model SUV. They are prearranged, dedicated members of the SILVER UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (SUR) and are exclusively there for Tony’s destiny. Silently slipping in to the back seat, the somber passenger is driven to the local airport, given necessary ID, adequate cash and plane tickets that will get him to Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Canada where SUR Inuits will be waiting for him upon his arrival. The SUR was established in 1992 by an anonymous philanthropist with the single goal of getting depressed, imprisoned geriatric males free from their money sucking, dying dormitories and make available to them their own personal iceberg from which to launch their journey into the next life. Tony climbs aboard his one-acre ice floe and is launched into 24 hours of daylight and azure blue beauty. Of all the pain Tony Cook has endured in his lifetime, this short moment of discomfort will terminate in a steaming, polar bear stool bearing the remnants of his tooth fillings and surgical joint implants. SAVE THE POLAR BEARS.  

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