Scattered throughout American towns are thousands of mechanized, killing contraptions in plain sight. In villages as small as 15 residents, one can find an old WWII Sherman tank sitting in the town square as a memorial to the unselfish volunteers who gave a part, or the whole kit and caboodle, to our nation’s defense. Also strewn around rural America are Howitzer cannons, mortar launchers, attack helicopters, F104 Starfighters, Abram tanks, Nike missiles, and an incredible array of deadly weapons. The realization that these implements of war are on display, not for honoring the military personnel, but rather the industrial military defense contractors that have been a major enterprise in America’s nearly 250-year existence. Their display in this country is a warning to its citizens that respect for their government is demanded and any thoughts of a French Revolution style uprising, will be met with lethal, unabridged retaliation. We are a warring nation and damn proud of it. All those weapons of MESSY destruction lacing the landscape are dormant, yet fully functional and ready for action if Washington sees fit. During the 4th of July celebration, when one billion dollars’ worth of Chinese fireworks are launched, sheriffs and policemen secretly fire up the engines of these motorized, mayhem machines to ensure they are available when needed. It is the largest diversionary tactic yet. When the revolution commences, because in all of human history, every government has failed; America will be ready for this onslaught. Targeting the Federal Armories like John Brown did in Harpers Ferry, the weapons stolen from there will have disastrous results for the mutineers. Select weapons have been placed in those arsenals that will blow up in the face of the user. All those strategically placed weapons, displayed at VFW posts nearby, will be activated and used to chase down the insurgents. The rebel’s lives will be quickly annihilated by forgotten relics of prior wars. 

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