Compliments of nature, the Homo Sapiens ended up on the same branch in the Tree of Life as the Piscis. One of the first members of this branch swam up this stream 530 million years ago and it became the genus, Fish. By fault, just about any creature on this limb has inherited a specialized, unique organ commonly known as a tongue. This muscular biological structure usually contains sensory receptors responsible for analyzing taste. As a survival tool for the creature, it has inborn knowledge of chemicals that can cause it harm. By sampling a small taste by touching the receptors of the tongue against the specimen, poisons are detected from an onboard database and are quickly spit out, rejecting it as food and living another day. In the human species, it has specialized this organ into another function. It doubles as a communication tool amongst its own species. Over time, man has created rules and blueprints for idea transmissions that are called, syntaxes, structures, and lexicons, along with graphemes, morphemes, and phonemes. Throw in an active 6,500 languages and it gets a tad bit messy. The tongue is also blessed with a 3rd function, sexual stimulation. All three functions revolve around the survival of the species. Taste is important in that in order to reach sexual maturity, humans need to avoid ingesting toxins. Speech is vital to communicate a command to avoid danger or impress a suitable mate. Oral genital stimuli and complimentary speech are tricks learned over time by humans to supercede the most sought-after physical attributes such as: strength, visual appearance, health etc. With the techniques exercised by the tongue, less than desirable characteristics can be entered into the species by fertilization that can create more diversity. Without our specialized tongue, we would be like the fish near the bottom of the ocean. We would communicate by having a blinking light sticking out of our skulls on a fleshy, flexible, fishing pole. 

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