The life of an alcoholic is rewarded in spades with insights into life that would never occur without a boost from a trainload of ethyl alcohol coursing through the bloodstream. This thought-provoking concoction slams the brain into overdrive as new neural connections take place at top speed, opening up avenues of thought, that at times, approach genius. This enlightenment stage has only a short window of existence in which to grasp the concepts that are emanating from the “grayt matter” stuffed into the cranium. The sad part is the recording devices in one’s head are turned off and without recollection feedback from sober people in the room, the exercise is a waste of time. In addition, there is a price to pay for these visions as the human body suffers for these secrets with an illness known as a hangover. It’s the cost of entering God’s library. With a brief insight into amazing revelations, the alcoholic prophet’s penalty is one day of lethargic body responses, including dry mouth and upset stomachs. The cost of an adventure into the library’s extensive mystery section will get you a two or three day stay in bed. Their stomach trying to squeeze out every liquid ever consumed, in a bile colored, lumpy mass spewing out the mouth the expensive stuff. During the information download, the individual is so overwhelmed that ordinary subconscious acts, such as walking and talking, become a challenge. The risk of physical harm becomes real. This “gifted” person can become a threat to people without the knowledge and can instill violence in the insecure individuals. Blood alcohol levels drop in the prophet as he bleeds a fresh coat of blood red, floor sealer. Thankfully, this is a rarity. The vast majority of the apostles of alcohol are entertaining clowns who amuse the masses with their comic genius and instill people to go to bars to observe them. If they consume enough alcohol, some audience members may get the vision too, and become one also.

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