It was 12 years after the “fishing incident”, and a lot has changed in Harry and Pat’s life. The 4 girls latched onto their new husbands, and 3 of them turned Harry B. into a full-blown grandpa. Through fate, the 4 grand kids are all girls and Harry still doesn’t have anyone to relate to. He goes to work every day and takes on any overtime when it’s offered to pay off all debt from owning 3 properties, footing 4 weddings, and buying some frilly crap for 4 diaper loaders. After 35 years in the electrical trade, Harry B. landed a cushy job at a power plant and planned to finish out his working career there as a superintendent. Two years into the gig, a new hire attracted Harry’s attention. He was known as the Kid. Although 34 years old, the Kid was well traveled. After finishing his carpenter’s apprenticeship at age 26, the Kid hit the highway and traveled around the country, hiking National Parks, running with bikers, and grabbing a job when he was low on cash. His skill set could land him jobs building freeway bridges, high rises, and big dams. Not wanting to do the same work constantly, he watched other trades on jobsites and took on side work to expand his knowledge. At night, he went to engineering school, and after school, it was off to the bars. The Kid was having a great time and was just ahead of the law. Jumping into the electric field, he served a 4-year apprenticeship in 10 months by altering documents and jumping state lines. He wound up working on the Alaskan Pipeline after it was completed by lying about his pipefitter experience. He could get the job done by watching and listening to others. After bouncing around for a decade, and knowing he was headed for prison if he didn’t change his ways, the Kid met Harry B. When the Kid opened up about his experiences in the wild all over North America, Harry was all ears. The Kid stayed on that job for 1 year, the longest job he ever held. Harry saw an individual who avoided the altar and was totally free. 

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