The youth of this man is a mystery as the people who crossed his path did so only in his adult life. Somewhere in his past, he was given a substantial work ethic that pushed its way all through his career, up to retirement. He started his profession in the electrical industry right after high school, and with perfect timing, missed both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. With above average intelligence and a strong physique, Harry excelled at being a union construction electrician. The young women of his time were setting their sights on husband hunting and the crosshairs of a girl named Patty locked into Harry’s world. With the right proportions of doling out praise and sex, Harry, like all young men, fell victim to the quicksand of love. Being freshly married because all was wonderful, and wasting very little time, Patty offered up her fallopian tubes for Harry’s animal urges and he willingly obliged. With his first daughter spilling into the neonatal ward, it became a 16-month ritual to conveyor belt another 3 little girls in 5 years. Harry now had a total of 5 females in his life and no way of sharing his hobbies with any of them. Pat made sure the girls didn’t hunt or fish and spent her life in command of their upbringing. Harry’s connection to them was paternal love, and a marriage vow that caused him to go to work religiously and save funds for the girl’s needs. In return, Harry was allowed to spend his free time hunting and fishing, all under the watchful eye of Pat, who ruled the roost. She allowed a controlled access to outdoor living at their second home on a northern lake and agreed to the purchase of 20 acres of hunting land just 3 miles down the road from the lake cottage. Here, Harry was allowed his lone freedom to hunt the occasional animal that strayed onto his property. The city house was strictly for schooling and a launching point for Harry’s career in construction. All was fine until the boys showed up as the young sex organs matured. 

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