What fluke of nature imparts a stray in mainstream thinking? Was it radionuclides, viral infection, or too much fetal alcohol? Whatever the underlying factor, the free citizens it breeds needs to be appreciated for their uniqueness. These society castaways pepper small areas of backwater America and reside in cities too, but the heavy population of standard “society slugs,” dilutes their visibility. Stuck in isolated areas, these individuals broadcast their presence with their above ground dens. Ignoring building codes and written residential restrictions, this lot has all the makings of a persecuted religious sect and are often shunned. Their church is their home, and all sect members reside in the same shrine. To the normal eye, their houses invoke either laughter or disgust depending on the viewer, but give these artists their due license. Seeing discarded material goods as a resource that can be repurposed, is a sign of common sense. Houses cobbled together out of mats of junk shows resourcefulness, creativity, and total independence from the status quo. As all the Jones try to keep up and out compete with each other, the huge corporations rape the earth’s resources as they sell them high profit, designer materials. Meanwhile the Cheap Charlies hunt the junkyards, ditches and backwoods for suitable free material that has served its prior purpose and now becomes structure. No one forecloses on these properties because there is no mortgage and no financial or government institution even wants their property. Who’s the dummy now? Ya gotta live somewhere, so why not in a 600-foot shack made out of milk crates with roadside sign siding, using junk car doors for operable windows, log rafters, thatched roofs, pine branch driveways and stream driven, washing machine generators for power. A standing human only occupies 4 feet, the other 596 feet can be used for entertaining. But do they really want any materialistic morons hanging around? NOOO! 

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