In the 1920’s, Dr. Edwin Hubble observed that the Milky Way Galaxy was not the entire universe as it was perceived to be, but rather just one of 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies. He also descried that the universe is expanding and that galaxies are moving away faster. This accelerating universe gave rise to the theory of dark energy because something is not only pushing the universe apart (counteracting gravity), it is also accelerating it by creating space in which to grow. According to the standard Lambda-CDM model of cosmology, we live in a minority world, where 4.9% is ordinary matter, and its counterpart, ordinary energy. Dark matter is 26.8% of the total and a whopping 68.3% is dark energy. So, we are in for a fast ride to oblivion. This is why growing old is so quick. You appear in this universe at a fixed speed the second you are born and, from then on, space, and hence, time is expanding. The formula for this perception is T(p) =square root of the decade you are in as compared to when you started, regardless of the year. Simply put, it says that at 10 years old, you are in your first decade. The square root of one is one, so time is traveling at a slow rate of one. As a child, Christmas took forever to get here, summer school vacation lasted what seemed like a year, and childhood itself went on and on. At 40 years old, you are now in your 4th decade, the square root of 4=2, so the time perceived is traveling twice as fast as when you were a child. Years go by quick; your children grow up and leave home and you start watching your parents’ age. If you are so lucky to hit 90, and still be somewhat mobile, you are in your 9th decade. The square root of 9=3. Time is traveling 3 times faster than you were a child. Weeks are short and seasons pass like a month. Even if medical science can extend life to 160 years, it will be traveling 4 times faster. You are just accelerating swiftly towards death. So, live in your youth, go do it NOW!

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