The Caucasians of North America, beyond the Mexican border, take pride in creating laws and enforcing them on minorities, plus lower- and middle-class whites just to make it fair. These rule mongers try and instill utopian ideas and do the best they can, so everyone can live a happy and safe life. Bless their hearts. But, at times, the rich and powerful somehow skirt the rules and have a stealth, carte blanche to avoid prosecution, just like it’s been since the Roman Empire. Shame on them. Taking it down a notch, an example of legislations would be pet regulations. Humans love to control things and how rewarding is it to control a domesticated canine. These pleasing pets will win your heart with their cuteness and dedication for you. As Fido goes from the litter to the adaptive parents, it is a match made in Hellven, as both good and bad can surface in these species. Possessing an animalistic hard-wired brain, danger lurks in some breeds that creates laws to protect the weaker creatures, just like in the human world. Living in a free country, you can walk your dog or, more accurately, they can walk you wherever the odors drive them. The only restriction governments impose is that they be on a leash to keep the peace. Being a natural apex predator that descended from pack wolves, they approach other dogs with an unknown agenda. Most just want a butt sniff to see how the Alpo is being dogested, but sex and war may play into the mix. The leash is there so the more intelligent humans (we hope) can quickly put the kibosh on the extracurricular activity. With dogs so widely breed, it’s not unusual to see a 170-pound Rottweiler approaching a 5-pound Shih Tzu. You just know that the outcome for the little dust mop will not be good, even if the kraut hound is mild-mannered. Being a dog, and if threatened, the little Shit Zoo may take an offensive position. Thank Godvernment for laws that protect the meek. The leash is there to pull the loser out of the digestive tract.

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  1. Leashes….I remember when parents purchased leashes for their young children….people were outraged. I found it to be a brilliant idea and wish we would see more of it!

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