Renting a hotel for 3 nights in the 5 major cities in East Australia was now a reality, Brisbane was the final stop before Sydney and sayonara. This required a celebration as this journey was coming to a conclusion. During the day, parks, museums, and buildings were explored. At night, it was dinner and a few beers before the maps were extracted and laid out on the bed, planning for tomorrow’s routes. Nothing was in stone. It only had a finish date known as a departing plane ticket. The last night in Brisbane was reserved for a corner pub down the road from the hotel. Walking was the preferred method as that Ford Wagon was becoming a job. Finding an Irishman and Scot at the bar, Dim pulled up a chair at the bar next to them. The evening’s events eluded Dim, but for 6 hours it was boasting, toasting, and singing. The next day, that nearly 10-hour drive to Sydney took 2 days and a bottle of Pepto. As Sydney’s skyline came into view, Dim had 3 days left to dismantle his acquisitions. Getting the same hotel he started with, the wagon headed for the parking structure and was for sale for 2 grand. Meeting a young married couple from Sweden, who had plans of making the same journey minus Tasmania, Dim dropped the price to $1,000 less than any other car in there if they would drop off a bottle of good Irish whiskey for Jack in the outback. Dim took the couple to dinner and slid a bottle of Ireland’s finest over to them. With the $1500 Australian from the sale and a couple hundred more as emergency money, Dim spent 5 grand American in 6 weeks’ time and he only slept in that car 3 times. He departed, never to hear from the Swedes again. That’s just the way it is in life. Only family hangs on you like a skin tag. Perhaps that is why we don’t cut them off. With a noon plane departure, a cab would be out in front of the hotel at 8AM. Seeing Sandy on the sidewalk, Dim went up and hugged her. Giving up the sins of the skin, people will trade away pleasure for adventure.

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