Entering his 4th week in the land of people who chunder (puke), Dim headed to Darwin, a wild west type of town where racism and unemployment prevail. Being in the tropics, the monsoon season was coming to a halt, and late summer’s heat was cooking the final batch of insect eggs open. In the last week, Dim spent a few days helping a mechanic (Jack) out at a roadhouse while Mr. Deter waited for his replacement timing chain. The gnats were insane and explained why the people who live there are also insane: the gnats infect them. With books and shirts stolen from Dim’s car, the aborigines’ plight was coming to light. Filing a police report, Mr. Deter asked the investigating officer as to why the aborigines would take engineering books and leave food. The officer explained that biting termites were everywhere in this part of the country and the books supplied 2 solutions. To protect the ass while sitting and supply kindling for fires. Just like in America, the Caucasians disrupted and destroyed the native cultures and then assimilated them. If you grow up on pancakes, it’s awful hard to eat broccoli. When an aborigine broke into Dim’s 3rd story hotel window at 2AM, it was easy to blame the worthless & lazy natives. In reality, it was the Caucasian girl at the front desk that knew this foreigner was alone, had cash, and set him up for a burglary. Lucky for him, he woke up as the intruder was about to enter and both parties scared the shit out of each other: the heist was quickly aborted. A trip to Kakadu Park and a flight over the southern escarpments that were pouring waterfalls of epic proportions off the rim, rounded out the Darwin adventure. It was now time to turn right and go east back towards the Pacific Ocean and Great Barrier Reef that lay ahead in a 3-day drive. Fortunately, timing is everything and included 1 more permanent memory in Dim’s brain that will never be duplicated in his short time left on this incredible blue sphere that circles our sun.

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