Man has the intelligence to create tools and instruments that help him further understand science. Starting with optics, it was the telescope and microscope that allowed the brainy biped to view both the very big and incredibly tiny that gave him insights to see and understand both worlds. With mathematics and computers, he can measure and predict future outcomes. However, sometimes patterns emerge, and the ‘smart idiot’ just misses the obvious right in front of him. An example would be extinct species whose bones are locked up in rocks (fossils), yet these creatures no longer exist. Estimates are that 99+% of the 4 billion species that ejected feces are now extinct. Most are attributed to natural disasters such as: volcanism, violent weather, earthquakes, and meteor hits. Viral and bacterial infections have also contributed and plain old starvation, after eating everything in sight, round out the playing field. But the 1 factor that the clever klutz is missing, is that this planet is full of plant life, above and below water. Unlike the rest of the critters, plants can survive with only sunlight and water. Every second, 16,000 tons of plant life emerge from seeds and sunlight. As the sun beats down on the earth, that energy is converted into large amounts of mass: E=MCsquared. The massive sun then pulls the heavier earth closer to it. As it reaches a higher temperature, the heat cooks the life off as an ejected gas. The lighter planet then returns to a cooler, more distant orbit to slowly repeat the cycle. When looking into a clothes washing machine, you can see earth’s prophetic future. The center agitator is just like the sun and pulls the shit-stained underwear (the planet earth with nearly 8 billion boneheads) towards it. As it gets closer, the shit is removed from the underwear and it slowly returns to the cooler, outer drum: clean as a whistle. Hang on to your hats, ye humble, happy humans; the next wash day is right around the corner.

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