Mr. Jost awoke in his last comfortable farm stay. It was another 200 miles to Reykjavik, a hotel stay in the city, then back to America and all it offers its citizens: work and money. He started the day with a beautiful sunrise bouncing off the massive glacier in the elevated east, and just stared at it continuously for 5 minutes after he loaded his car. Parked 50′ away was a family of 4 in mad rush to get organized. The 8-year-old was pouty, the infant was crying, and the parents were arguing. Ah, families, what a wonderful invention. A complete lifetime of companionship and hatred combined. Justin always used these snapshots in life to justify his childless existence. “Some other fool can have my 2.3 kids,” he used to say. He was going to be the end of the line for this model. With direct, eye contact from the stressed husband, Justin saw envy in the man’s look as he dragged out a box of diapers. Mr. Jost merely got in his vehicle, flipped in a cassette tape, and headed down the road with a big silly grin. First on the list was Gullfoss Falls. A spectacular double waterfall in jet black lava rock that changes directions twice at oblique angles. In the future, this location is the opening scene from the movie, PROMETHEUS. It shows off this spectacle of natural wonder and triggers the response of an older Justin Jost, “hey! I was there!” Farther down the road is a rift valley separating the 2 continental plates that are moving apart. Thingvellir is the English translation to this geological area that moves 3/4” every year. The Latin alphabet (English) lacks the 36 letters of the Icelandic language and thankfully so. That would be another year of grammar in school. As Justin pulled into Reykjavik in the evening, he celebrated his last 10 days with a steak dinner and dessert and retired to his room to rest before returning home. All night, the visions he had witnessed danced in his head and would continue to do so whenever he saw Iceland on a globe. Memories!

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