If you take a trip to Galapagos or Easter Island, you must stop first at the sponsoring state for an overnight stay. Galapagos requires a stop in Ecuador, and Easter Island requires a stop in Chile. If you want to fly to Greenland on a commercial flight, you must enter and exit through Iceland. Good Old Human greed has snake-like fingers that tickles the wallets and purses of average Als or Alices, just to keep the Good Ole Boys pockets filled up with Good Ole Gold. After spending the night in Reykjavik, Michael Neilson boarded his commuter jet to go back to the land he flew right over yesterday. Common sense is not that common. Landing at a low volume airport that has plenty of runway for a 747 emergency landing, the plane load of 40 people or so disembarked and gathered into groups of 6-15 people, depending on their final destinations. Michael’s group of 12 boarded an old Russian transport helicopter that struggled to lift the load on a southeast Greenland terrain. The cabin noise was hellacious as that uninsulated, flying death trap shook and shuttered its way southwest. Everyone’s eyes were wide open as they now thought about what the hell they had signed up for. Travel guides love to give the tourists a trill so that they have something to talk about when they get home. In this case, they were facing death riding in a beat up, Rusky helicopter that was held together with baling wire and duct tape. The only cabin amenity was air conditioning as this flying jalopy had its doors removed to save weight and carry more luggage. The 20-minute flight to the small Greenland town of ?????? was exciting as it was never more than 200′ over the dark terrain. The small villages that dot the rocky outcrops from the world’s largest ice cube had unpronounceable names, so Michael just thought of Superman’s 5th dimension foe and called the place: Mister Mxyzptlk. As the huge beast settled down on its landing pad, smiles burst from the exiting prisoners: free at last. 

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