While Mr. Petrov spoke of late-night demolition derbies back in the American cities in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, using cheap cars that could be purchased for 2 days of wages, Nina translated to Andrei who had the most puzzled look on his face. For someone who spent years saving for 1 used vehicle in order to make a meager living for his family, this sounded preposterous. It was this type of rambunctious behavior that created the Cold War and nearly vaporized the entire Caucasian family of apes. With story after story of trashed cars and unrestrained laughter by Vicktor, it became apparent that Americans had a humorous way to recycle their vehicles. If the car was rusty and had some issues with the mechanical components, they would jump in their still running vehicles and smash into a similar 1. This way 2 cars were sent off to the crusher to supply raw material for a new 1. Genius and fun rolled into 1. Andrei and Nina had a greater understanding of the American culture through the stories of Vicktor: they were all fucking nuts. Vicktor’s observations grew by watching and listening to the Russians he encountered. They showed a hardworking group of people with limited resources in a harsh environment. Their populations were small due to nature’s restrictions and limited food supplies, just like in the wild. You do not see massive skulks of foxes if the rabbit’s numbers are low. Humans are just another predator in the scheme of things, kept in check with flora and fauna. Nature was on the ball when she gave us a digestive tract that could not derive energy out of tree parts. If she did, we would have cooked up all the pinecones and acorns and would be starving in a treeless desert world. That lady is smart. The 3 some pulled into a farm stay for the night, and everyone got their own room. The owners of that house slept on a couch, out on the porch with 2 cords of stacked firewood. They had given their bedroom to Vicktor. He rethought his enemies. 

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