When the Rusty Twinkie pulled up to the government-decreed area of the dachas, Nina darted out of that vehicle and up the hill to her fenced off paradise. Using her key to access her little plot of ownership, she grabbed her gardening utensils and started watering plants that had missed her for 5 days. As Andrei and Vicktor strolled the paths in her estimated 1-acre plot, they walked carefully among the flora. Nina returned and gave the 2 males a tour in 2 tongues as she glided through her only prized possession. She showed them the location next to the gate where the future teepee would be erected to welcome any guests. Near that location, Nina was planning ahead as she had planted a healthy stand of Poppies that would soothe her future, cold-infused, arthritic body. Extended daylight in northern climates guaranteed a potent plant. The 3 Amigos drove the final distance to Vicktor’s motel, and Andrei’s contract was complete. Tomorrow, the motel shuttle would take Vicktor to the airport so now it was goodbye to the former Russian dancer/welder/driver. A firm and extended handshake is all 2 males can show in friendship. Testosterone denies emotions. As the Rusty Twinkie drove away, Nina would stay in her motel room for the night as she would be questioned the next day by the authorities. Someone was interested in knowing exactly what that American was doing in Russia. Across the bay from Petropavlovsk was the Russian Pacific Nuclear Submarine fleet and a million secrets. Just before the shuttle took Vicktor back to the airport and on to Anchorage, the final meeting between Nina and Vicktor occurred. This 1 required a hug promoted by Nina as the Russian military permitted his departure. It seems the American was like a family dog. He just wanted to go for a ride in the car. Slipping Nina a departing gift, Vicktor disappeared into the shuttle and was gone. Later she would find a substantial tip that would put a down-payment on her future teepee. 

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