The life spectrum of a human being is but a flash cube of light in a long hallway of time. Over 100 billion people have experienced the heartbeat of existence ever since our tailless ancestors came off the African plains (or out of the Garden of Eden) and stepped foot on their cultivated fields and paved highways of civilization. The only thing that all these people shared were their uniqueness and, unfortunately: finite presence. This final act in the performance of a lifetime is an all-encompassing episode that can be extremely sad and brings some of the audience to tears. As 1 departs this world and into the alternate they personally believe exists, the only thing which remains is a handful of friends and close family members that are completely devastated. This is especially true if they believe that somehow, they could have done something different to save their sibling or soul mate. The answer to that question is always unobtainable. Even if the medical industry was alerted earlier, they are but mere humans, so who really knows? When the complex chemical reactions of death start cascading throughout the body, even a dream team of highly skilled doctors cannot stop this. Doctors are overrated and hospitals are just businesses built to make money. Death, by itself, cures all problems. If they’re sick, all maladies will disappear. If they are destitute, all liabilities go away. If they are emotionally troubled, a calmness will intercede. And if they suffer severely, the pain will evanesce. Nature, plain and simple, will someday recall all its creations. People, over time, have spent years perfecting their faults just like everyone of those other 100,000,000,000 souls that came before us. We will miss them and their unique outlook on life, regardless of any quirks that ALL humans have and go to great lengths to disguise. At the funeral, the stories of their sainthood unfolds and we say, “goodbye my good friend.” Sadly, the last word in this phrase is: END.

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