After breakfast, the TT platoon was loaded back into the short bus, and it began its ritual of stopping at cathedrals and castles. Later, a different stop was added, compliments of the Roman Empire. It consisted of a sports arena that entertained the masses with metal weapon, human dissection. Large, hungry carnivores were also brought in just to add a little diversity in the fine art of disemboweling the human anatomy. As the Roman Empire waned, the Spaniards, being a much more compassionate group, invented bullfighting as a substitute in the early 8th century. It continues today utilizing the 18th century rules. The only winner is MacDonald’s. In the early afternoon, the short bus pulled into Seville for a 2-day stay. Given freedom from a regimented itinerary, the individuals were free to go on their own. Joe saw many unique engineering structures off in the distance left over from the 1992 World’s Fair. Hiking 4 miles in each direction, Joe spent the rest of the day examining a future abandoned city within a city. It now housed the homeless population. Ironic. The next day’s tour was a magnificent cathedral that took centuries to build and housed multiple religions. Only God knows how many members died there because of the Spanish Inquisition. That evening, the entire group was taken to a restaurant and theater for dinner and flamenco dancing. Amongst the crowd, Joe met a young lady from Pennsylvania, who was in Spain on business. Longing for a member of his own culture, he jumped on her bus and continued their conversation to her hotel. Joe’s Columbian bus driver watched him board. Integrity prevented Joe from going too far and now, his goal was to find his way home without a map or inability to speak the language. He kept his eye on a church steeple that was close to his hotel. Using this as a landmark, he walked back to his room at 2:30AM. The next morning, the Columbian bus driver was stunned to see him board the bus. Americans make very formidable foes. 

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