All adventures terminate in various forms of finality; this one ended with: “why the hell would I ever leave my house?” On the way to Madrid, Joe experienced connection problems at the Paris Airport. During his time in Spain, he called his travel agent and explained that 1/2 hour between connecting flights was not going to work. Her response was, “you can make it.” Guess what? Joe missed his plane. The French ticket agent rerouted him to Montréal, Quebec for the night and put him on a plane to Chicago the next day. He could then catch a ride home from there. Joe was enroute to Canada aboard another Air France (A)mputated  (F)emurs Flight. Joe got off with his new friend, Ahmed. It seems his buddy was in the same predicament as Joe, a missed flight and was redirected to Montreal. They were both given rooms in a hotel near downtown and a dinner ticket at the same location. All they had to do was hail a cab. It was 1AM Montreal time and the temperature was -14F°. Add to this that neither had any luggage because those items made their connections. Going from mid-50’s at noon to 64° colder is a penis shrinker. Finally, a cab came along, and the 2 Eskimos were famished. While eating, Joe discovered that his new buddy was a professional gambler and flew to Jordan to get married. It seems when he met his mail order bride, he didn’t like the odds and turned around to fly home. You meet the most interesting people in strange situations. The rest of the fiasco was like this: the Credit Card Company (CCC) shut off Joe’s card because he wasn’t supposed to be in Canada. The last person to board the Chicago flight was a bird flu infected, sneezing Asian who sat next to Joe. Joe became ill 2 days later and felt better 2 months after that. Joe pulled in his driveway that night after hours on the phone with the CCC. He needed to rent a car. Naggetta got in his face for not calling. Quebec payphones do not take American, European, or Moroccan coins. Was it worth it? OH, HELL YES!

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