Joe Jansen found himself way in the back of an ancient carpet warehouse where screams would be muted, and carcasses could be rolled up in an old rug. The rats would finish off that silent jelly roll, and the victim would just disappear without a trace or investigation. Joe saw 3 young men approach him with intense anger in their faces as they blocked his only escape route. The Arab leader looked at Joe and bluntly blurted in English, “you’re a fucking American!” This was early 2005 and the Bush/Cheney gang had America up to its ass in war in numerous Arab countries. Joe saw misplaced hatred in the Arabs’ eyes, and his survival instinct kicked in. “No, I’m Canadian” was his reply. The angered Arab stepped up his accusation again. “NO, YOU’RE A FUCKING AMERICAN!” Joe could see this was not going well as taking on 3 motivated Arabs that were probably packing a jambiya (a curved Arab dagger) would not turn out like it does in the hero-saturated American movies. He quickly analyzed the Arab’s English, his presence in a Moroccan city, and his understandable disdain for ALL Americans. Joe’s response was, “I’m a Canadian citizen, ehh.” With this answer the Arab replied, “Where is your home?” Joe responded instantly with, “Saskatoon, city of bridges.” Unknowingly, the Arabs had cornered an individual who traveled. Over the years, Joe had ventured into his neighbor’s terrain and hit all of the Canadian Provinces. Years ago, he spent 2 days in Saskatoon and used that as his base because most Canadians don’t know where it is. The Arab said, “where?” Joe responded, “Saskatoon, the Capitol of Saskatchewan. Where are you guys from?” Joe countered. The Arab replied, “the big island.” Joe rattled off, “the big island? Oh, Vancouver Island, which probably means you’re from Victoria, British Columbia. The Victorian Gardens and Beacon Hill Park are just south of the ferry landing.” The Arab turned to his gang and said, “let’s go. He’s Canadian.” Joe was saved by his restlessness.

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