Arriving late in the evening, the TF regiment retired for the evening in Casablanca. This coastal town built a new shipping port in 1910 and put the city, which was established in 1770, on the map. With 3 million people calling this town ‘home’, the discrepancies between the rich and the poor are appalling as the haves live in extravagant Moorish castles, and the vast majority of the have nots reside in pitiful shantytowns. The tour bus always picks a route that avoids these neighborhoods. The next day was spent cruising amongst the rich homes and museums. The highlight was being picked up at 4PM from the current hotel stay and driven 40 miles out into the desert. Here was a resort that had live entertainment, centered around a horse show. First, it was an exquisite 5-course dinner that included a phenomenal couscous entree. After this and a steady supply of wine, the show began. Perfect specimen Arabian horses were displayed by decked out Arabian riders who wowed the crowd with their skill levels. Over the course of 2 hours, the excitement kept building until there was a staged full-blown battle between 40 riders that sent the audience over the top. The alcohol broke down everyone’s defenses and the evening was full of laughter and smiles. Rumor was that the Brazilian judge ended up with 1 of the Argentinian sisters for the night. For the rest of the trip, he hid behind his sister. Everyone had a great time, and it was the pinnacle of the Moroccan experience. The next day, on the way to Rabat, the bus was awful quiet as embarrassment dictated silence. Even the sisters finally shut up. When the interpreter sat with Joe to discuss Arab culture, he explained that Arab men were allowed up to 4 wives each and, if you are royalty: many more, if you can afford them. When he pointed to the 2 Argentines who started back a-yakking, Joe merely put his finger up to his temple and mimicked shooting himself in the head. The interpreter busted out laughing. Humor bridges any hate. 

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