Benny Lars left the mining city of Wawa, which he believes was named after a sport’s superhero who was in the autumn of his career and blamed his failing skills on all his teammate’s mistakes. Like the muffled sound of a trumpet, if a rookie dropped his pass, a WA-WA sound was emitted similar to an old CHARLIE BROWN cartoon’s sound effect for disdain. Exiting this little industrial burg in the thick Canadian Moose and Fowl Capital, Benny headed for White River, Ontario. This highway junction brought memories of 2 decades ago where he and a, now-deceased, friend had to camp out for the night on their weeklong motorcycle trip around Lake Superior. Benny spotted the miniature train that was used in tunnel mining and repurposed as a tourist attraction placed on the side of the highway for both historical value and a spot to have a picnic. He recalled the evening where they left a railroad town named Hornepayne with a few beers in their bellies and raced down Hwy. 631 impervious to the dangers of 1500 pound Moose and motorcycle collisions. Benny figured he was still alive because only the good die young. He looked at that mini ore car behind the engine, where he slept that August night as a much younger man. Benny remembers being donned in full biker regalia, including leather gloves while wearing his helmet and a stolen motel towel draped over his face to limit the mosquito bites to under 100. The good old days. Mr. Lars now entered that railroad repair station that was named Hornepayne. The town was dying as mining petered out and the Canadian National Railroad moved most of their facilities to more populated locations. The town now was looking for income, and some looney politician was trying to talk the residents into approving a burial site in the former mines for radioactive waste generated by Canada’s 6 nuclear power plants. Hornepayne figures they could save on plowing as the lethal heat generated for the next 400,000 years melts snow. NICE! 

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