Downstream of Lake Superior to the northwest is an eerie coincidence of deep lakes in a straight line. On a map, one sees multiple large lakes in the Province of Manitoba that fall within this line. They are shallow Natural Lakes and should not be confused with the deeper ones farther out. Lakes Winnipeg, Winnipegosis, and Manitoba are, in reality, the remnants of giant Lake Agassiz that covered the area 10,000 years ago, as the glaciers melted from our last ice age. The lakes beyond those are the ones that mimic the S.S.L. comet collision with Jupiter. Reindeer Lake depth on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border is 720′. Lake Athabasca on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border is 407′ deep, and the Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territory are 2,014′ and 1,460′ deep, respectively. The only other place on earth where deep lakes line up is in the arcing Rift Valley of Africa. Lacking volcanic activity in Canada, evidence points to a series of impact craters from either a broken celestial object or slung off ejecta from the M/H Impact Crater in Michigan. These deep, northern lakes have relatively flat areas on the shorelines of the southeast sides with higher terrains on the northwest sides. The city of Yellowknife, on the northwest side of the Great Slave Lake, is on a rocky rise while Fort Resolution, on the southeast side, is on a relatively flat terrain. The same holds true on the Great Bear Lake that has a low coastline on the southeastern side while the Spruce Hills are prominent on the northwest end. This would indicate a shallow angle of an incoming impact from the southeast. All these deep lakes in a fairly straight line are pointing to either a Shoemaker/Levi type hit or a brand-new concept of “Cold Spots”. These would be the complete opposite of the Hot Spots that formed the Hawaiian Island/Emperor Chain of seamounts in the Pacific Ocean. Instead of going up from the planet’s surface, these structures go down into the earth slightly.

Beyond the Great Lakes and beyond the remnants of Glacier Lake Agassiz, lies 4 major and 2 minor potential Impact Crater Lakes in a relatively straight line.  

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