Driving around Lake Superior is a very satisfying experience and is highly recommended for the adventurous. From the approximately 1,300-mile round trip, the scenery is breath-taking as low mountains surround the entire structure. Wherever mountains are present, man ultimately sticks his profit shovels in the ground and digs for riches. Why? Simple: the elements he seeks are closer to the surface and profit can be 400′ closer. Volcanic rock can be seen in some areas and is very visible on the Northwest end near Thunder Bay. Being in the middle of a craton, this goes against the standard plate tectonics theories. While exploring the reason for Lake Nipigon’s existence from a small plane, one can easily see that the mountainous terrain surrounding that lake disappears quickly as you look to the north. Flat plains and boreal forests fill in the huge expanse beyond the Lake Superior drainage basin. This “commotion” of tilted rock and lava flows is only around this lake, and that’s it. The rest settles into relatively flat Canadian Shield. Something caused this commotion. If a huge object came crashing in at the right speed and angle, earth could experience an injury and bring in the filler material of lava to repair the wound. The Rift in the earth from the area southwest of Duluth has been traced all the way underground to Kansas City, Kansas. Mines have been tapped into deposits of minerals from this wound. All around Lake Superior, iron, copper, nickel, and a host of other valuable commodities have been mined, and the Native People of a 1,000 years ago harvested copper laying on the surface in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Something big disturbed the Earth. This theory is stating that the cause of this was an impact that occurred around present-day Lansing, Michigan or close by. The energy imparted sent a shock wave into the ground that cracked open the craton that, later, through time and erosion, formed present day Lake Superior. It’s responsible for mining. 

Revised Lake Superior Midcontinent Rift that may have its origins in a extreme collision with an exterrestrial Impactor. The start of the west Rift is exactly where the impactor hit (Central Michigan), and followed a path of least resistance all the way to Oklahoma. The frontal energy distribution is responsible for the Lake Superior basin and its surrounding mountains. Glacier action has drastically softened its impact. 

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