A scenario unfolds from a distant point in space. Perhaps its origin is the Oort Cloud or, maybe, a comet or frozen asteroid covered in frost diverted by Jupiter’s enormous gravity. It could be a large volume of frozen gases that behaves like a solid in the no pressure/low temperature confines of vast space. This huge projectile has speed, volume, and a direction. It clings together in a unique concretion dictated by its size, its own gravity, and its chemical makeup. The entity is now set free on a totally random path. Reaching large velocities by gravitational sling shotting, it launches into the vastness of space on a mission of unknown magnitude. Its trajectory is totally random at first, but, over time, celestial objects redirect its motion and velocities. Somehow, this massive ice ball/rock is slung towards earth by the gas giants or the sun itself and makes passes into the inner solar system. It may orbit with large elliptical paths over eons of time like Halley’s comet. With random planetary alignments, slight gravity kicks change its orbit into a collision with the blue orb in position 3 around the sun. Being in an era long before the humans appeared, its exact size, composition, and trajectory are unknown back then, but modern human mathematics can predict an approximation of the 3 variables by interpolation of its damage. Its speed could be as low as 1 kilometer/second or higher than 100/second. The Chicxulube Impactor (approximately 65 million years ago) was estimated to be around 6 miles or 10 kilometers in diameter. However, foreign bodies don’t congeal into a sphere until they reach a 400-kilometer size, so its true shape is speculative. Because the earth travels through space at 30 kilometers/ second, this object’s speed and energy will vary immensely by either slamming into it directly or coming in behind it at a closing velocity. The shape is also important as earth’s atmosphere will heavily influence how it breaks up on its collision course.

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