The Pudge Planet


When driving around this unique world, one notices that other than crops, the rest of the valuable natural resources are underground and must be extracted in some cash intensive method. Coal is under hundreds of feet of overburden, yet at one time it was a tropical jungle. Oil also follows this scenario as it is miles below the surface, whether it be on dry land or under the ocean floor. Along time ago, that oil or gas was algae that grew in H20, died, sank to the bottom and got covered in a layer of mud. The question arises, “where did all that extra dirt come from and what was the diameter of earth one billion years ago? Looking at the moon, it’s obvious the earth got pounded by meteors that continually added mass, but is that it?  No. The sun keeps adding more mass using energy conversion processes via a strange creature called life. Turning sunlight into mass is an amazing feat that plants started. Looking at a 300-foot redwood, one wonders how much of that structure is water and nutrients from the ground and how much is sunlight converted into mass. Even if it’s a small amount, multiply this by quadrillions of life forms doing these conversions and the numbers, like dirt, keeps piling up. Chemistry is the food for all lifeforms, it is everywhere and is replenished by the sun, hence the world just gets bigger daily. Humans are just like earth. We eat and grow bigger by the day unless we expend energy to remain in balance. Energy weighs nothing. With labor saving devices and more leisure, man is expanding. Couple this with fast food diets and the world is heading for a runaway fat-house effect. Add more population, 3 patty burgers, large fries and a quart of sugar water and you’ll have a runaway train. Ignore the current “chicken little” greenhouse commotion. The world is getting hotter because the earth is more massive and is being pulled into the sun. This pudge planet will soon orbit closer and will sizzle like a strip of bacon in pure lard.

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