Californians III


The adobe floored, former Salton Seabed is a 300 square mile attraction of glitz and glitter that grabbed the world’s attention when it opened the Burning Man South venue. Peeling away tourists that used to frequent Disneyland, San Diego, Hollywood and Las Vegas, this entertainment mecca brings in people by the hundreds of thousands per day. The infrastructure to handle these crowds were put in place in months instead of years. Working around the clock with union wages, construction workers were pulling in a quarter of a million a year. Using bond financed state money with a high interest rate, the workers kept feeding their own paychecks with their double tax exempt muni bonds that they were buying. A super airport was easily constructed on the dead flat former eastern shoreline that can handle 3,000 flights per day. I-10 was expanded to 6 lanes in each direction. A high-speed rail was put in and the Aqua-subway under the Palomar Mountain range carries 30,000 people and 15 million gallons of pure atomic water a day. The entertainment industry moved out of Hollywood to a more accessible location in the Imperial Valley where cheap labor is only 20 miles away. The new movie stars receive hundreds of dollars per movie and have Caucasian names like Danny or Timmy. Unlike most Millenniums, they have an excellent work ethic and are easy to deal with. Supplied with state-of-the- art Google Translators, the staff converses fluently with the clientele, no matter what country they are from. This utopian entertainment destination has created a half a dozen trillionaires who saw the potential and purchased their politicians early in the game. Three of these will be running for president in the upcoming election. Elite Musky is the favorite. His platform consists of world peace, free cosmetic surgery to wipe out ugly people, electric cars distributed to employees through the company store and I IS TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL hats for all smart and gorgeous Californians.