These furry little mammals from the Genus Cynomys, come in five flavors: Black Tail, White Tail, Gunnison, Utah and Mexican. They are primarily herbivores and tolerate dry climates as they get most of their water intake from their food. Closely related to ground squirrels and not canines, they earned their common name by communicating with each other by different barks.  Scientists consider prarie dogs to have the most expansive language in the animal world. These tunnel dwelling, social creatures developed extensive underground highways and rooms to stay out of the reach of many predators who feed on these quick and elusive 2-pound dinners. Prior to America’s western expansion in the 1800’s, their numbers were estimated to be in the billions which made them at the time, more prolific than human beings. Since that era, they have been decimated by 95% due to their encounter with modern man and his interpretation as to what is worth saving and what needs to be annihilated. The 2 biggest problems that these little fellows posed were the exit holes and tunnels that caused valuable livestock and man’s main means of transportation, horses, to cripple themselves by falling in these hidden dangers. The other pitfall was their communication skills to warn their community of predator intrusion. This incessant barking was perceived to be a mocking of the individual who trespassed and infuriated the cowboys who shot at them on sight. TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE FUC***! There was also a fear of the little pests transmitting the plague, but what the hell, these invading Europeans were spreading smallpox to the indigenous people like peanut butter. Humans should take note of these “decimated dogs,” for they too have a language that infuriates others. During wars, humans annihilate their enemies and then brag about it. It won’t be long before the Cynomys become very proficient at picking off an annoying, “barking” human being with a Remington 700VS FS II at 1/2 mile.


  1. I used to live in close approximation with a prairie dog habitat in Colorado. I enjoyed watching them defend their ” village” with their sentries ready to bark warnings against foxes, coyotes, hawks, and man. Unfortunately, the latter was working against them, mostly with poisons, because the real estate they occupied was so much more valuable to developers and other ” far sighted” F’ ERS !!

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