The DOGS had enough. With subdivision after subdivision encroaching on the shrinking prarie dog population, driving them to inadequate habitats and forcing them to eat noxious weeds, the clans banded together. The 5 tribes at one time ruled the North American Plains, living in harmony with their friends, the buffalo. The DOGS had witnessed the carnage as the European invaders decimated the herds in order to kill the traditional ways of the Plains Indians and sent the hides back east to Buffalo. They became drive belts for their industrial revolution. It was time for revenge. Groups of guerrilla prarie dogs headed into the city to sabotage the inner workings of those evil humans. Working in conjunction with their former enemy predators, the eagles, owls, ferrets and coyotes, the frontal attack was relentless. As the DOGS chewed through the electrical cables of monitoring human facilities, the owls and eagles incapacitated radar installations causing mid-air collisions of aircraft and instilling widespread and crippling terror in the lives of ordinary citizens. The country was on full alert and went to DEFCON I as the bipeds had no idea what was really going on. They suspected their Asian enemies and plans were made to attack. When the DOGS figured out how to take out the entire US grid, it was too much for the leaders of the country and theorized that an Electro Magnetic Pulse emanating from an atmospheric nuclear weapon in space caused the blackout. Not one to be caught with their pants down, the Americans launched their ICBM’s, cruise missiles, and sub-based nuclear weapons upon Asia. As the incomings were detected a half a world away, the people over there had no choice but to launch theirs. The cities glowed like suns and people evaporated by the billions. The DOGS and their allies were safe underground and waited a month for the fires to go out. The rural humans died of starvation and their skeletons made excellent gym sets for the young DOGS.

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