The revenge of the prarie dogs has been purged and the humans will no longer be any trouble to any form of life left on earth. The DOGS and their allies (their former predators turned collaborators) reversed the tide and forever rid the planet of the most invasive species Mother Nature has ever conjured, MAN. After realizing the extent of the gain the prarie dogs had achieved, it took a good year for things to return to normal. First the alliance between the DOGS and their partners in crime eroded. The eagles and owls went back to their old ways of snatching up unsuspecting DOGS as they stood up looking out over their kingdoms. The ferrets resumed their tunnel hunting as they scoured the underground complexes looking for lunch and the coyotes continued to outrun the little vermin who strayed too far from their safety openings. It was business as usual. The DOGS could tolerate this selective destruction because they bred into their lives, sacrificial pups whose sole purpose was to become food. Not everyone can be the top DOG; fate sets the bar. The problem they could not shake was tolerating their own kind. The Gunnison and Utah DOGS took their clans back to their homelands and became territorial. The Mexican prarie dogs made the arduous trip southward that included scaling the 35-foot wall the humans left behind. No love lost here, because the 4 other tribes of DOGS couldn’t understand their fast nonsensical barking. The remaining 2 nations of White tail and Black tail DOGS decided to coexist. Here is where racism reared its ugly tail. Older DOGS would not tolerate mixing and soon frictions escalated to attacks and assaults amongst the clans. The laws could not stop the hatred that brewed between them and numerous riots erupted. Then something happened that all previous life has never experimented with. The entire population of black and white tail prarie dogs removed their identifying traits. They cut off their tails and lived happily ever after.

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