An unadorned car drives down a 2-lane highway at the incredible speed of 2 MPH over the speed limit. Suddenly a horsepower drenched stead moves down the highway at 12 MPH over in the same direction. The resulting confrontation may result in the death of people solely due to the human brain’s chemistry of self-preservation. Because of the layout of the highway, the trailing vehicle has no chance to pass the slower automobile and thus starts the potentially dangerous episode. The leading law abider notices that the trailing law breaker is now planted 7 feet off his rear bumper. This upsets him and the situation starts squirting adrenaline into his bloodstream, removing all rationality and elevating him into the animal mode. The following driver’s adrenal glands are also pulsing this survival sauce to wake up all organs of the body and prepare for battle. The underlying start of this gladiator performance could be traced to something as simple as 2 prior speeding tickets in the last 6 months forcing the lead driver to start obeying the speed limit and quit donating his hard earned money to the local law enforcement slush fund. Likewise, the rear driver may have been upset by his girlfriend’s frantic call to get back home ASAP or move out. The leader slows down and the follower moves closer. The light ahead turns red and the first driver gets out to vent his anger. The second driver is flushing with testosterone which prevents him from backing down. Violence ensues and people die. The cure: Place a windshield washer reservoir of hydrochloric acid in the trunk with a switch controlled by the driver to spray atomized acid into the grille of the tailgater. As the container empties, turn off and let the harried tailgater get to his destination. The lead driver’s rage turns to laughter as revenge is served stealthy. The tailgater later notices his grill is destroyed again by an unknown motorist and thus rethinks his dangerous, aggressive driving tactics. 

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