On planet Rae, there lives a round race of creatures called BALLS. They have no arms or legs and go through life bouncing from one place to another. The BALLS are quite happy bouncing wherever they please and try at all costs to avoid hitting other BALLS. On rare occasions and later in life when the BALLS are old, their bounce isn’t so vibrant and their direction isn’t so focused, so unfortunate collisions do occur. These injured or diseased BALLS must be sent to special locations to be looked at by highly trained and revered creatures called PADDLES. These PADDLES form interconnected networks that try to find the cure for the ailments experienced by the malfunctioning BALLS. When a diseased BALL suddenly stops bouncing with purpose, it sets up an appointment with a referred PADDLE, but only if the BALL belongs to a financial institution known as an INSURANCE NETWORK. It is then that the BALL enters the game known as PING PONG. After filling out multiple forms for an hour and being examined by the first PADDLE for 17.5 minutes, he will then recommend that the BALL bounce his way over to a second PADDLE. This second PADDLE will either bounce the BALL back to the first PADDLE or if playing doubles, may then bounce the BALL over to a 3rd PADDLE who may bounce him to a 4th PADDLE or back to the 2nd PADDLE. Are you following this? After a month or 3 of this, the BALL may or may not feel better, depending on the BALL’s immune system and age. In time, the BALL either gets better because of the correct protein dispersion that BALLS create to function correctly  or it starts to die which makes the PADDLES bounce the BALLS more rapidly before it falls out of the INSURANCE NETWORK and then the PADDLE’S lawyers have to chase the BALL’S relatives in order to get paid. The game of PING PONG is complex and full of endless scenarios. The final act is when the BALL stops bouncing altogether and a PADDLE officially fills out a paper declaring a dead BALL truly dead. 

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