With one success under his belt, Jesus Pook said nothing until he tried his last ditch effort on a female geriatric patient who was starting to “go down the drain.” This time he took the desiccant product that he atomized and placed it in a UV sterilizer for 2 minutes. Using the same technique to spray the solid “nebulized” desiccant into the lungs directly and tipping the body downhill to drain the lungs, Jesus again saw an increase in lung performance. So he did it a 3rd time and witnessed another positive outcome. Jesus decided to tell the head pulmonary surgeon at his hospital the results he was having with his methods. Skeptical at first, Doctor Ego Inflationato, a Spaniard with impeccable pedigree, decided to duplicate Jesus’s medical procedure. He too received a favorable response and instantly notified the media and the medical community. The news was out and all hospitals were changing their techniques for treating victims of this pandemic. Electronic devices were pulled off the shelves and thrown on the floor. It was the little packets of the silicate compounds people were after. A week after that, Dr. Inflationato was on the talk show circuit. He and an entourage of highly educated top medical professionals bounced from show to show with accolades piling higher than the dead that the pandemic claimed. No one mentioned that male nurse that was left behind to clean up the weakened patients who were starting to be discharged. At the White House, a special dinner and awards were scheduled to be broadcast on all networks so the public could pay homage to the great Dr. Ego Inflationato. As the ceremony concluded, Jesus ended his shift. He walked out the main hospital entrance and was confronted by an old man in tattered clothing. He reached into his pocket and extracted the only thing of value he had left in his life: a personal hand carved replica of his dead dog, Poncho. He placed it in Jesus’s hand and without a word, he disappeared. 

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