The effort that is dispersed by a small group of musicians banded together out of the love of music is nothing short of impressive. Hours and days of practice, along with the sacrifices and surrenders that occur on a daily basis makes one wonder, WHY?  The whole operation centers around the abilities of 2 to12 people, with an expertise in their particular instrument, and blend them all together in a composition that gels. Tempo, timbre and tone are nearly infinite variables, along with the instruments chosen, to present the work to their audience in a style that gets their group recognized. The $20 per hour of showtime breaks down to 40 cents per hour of actual pay for their efforts. It becomes a labor of satisfaction that is hopefully shared by all the band members or internal strife will surface. Fighting all these variables and consistently satisfying the throngs is one of life’s techniques to ensure that the human species is constantly replenished. Music and alcohol are aphrodisiacs and in America they exist together. Armies need soldiers and concerts produce future battalions. The bass guitar loosens the ovary egg through its vibrations and sends the little tyke down into the fallopian tube for a bath in lead guitar powered sperm. The drums supply gyration that accelerate the two entities towards their destiny. The accompanying instruments take turns pushing different swimming sperm into the lead. Violin vibrations excite the fertilizers that will produce females while harmonicas tend to propel the alpha sperm to create males. Tubas create homosexuals and xylophones encourage lesbians. Cowbells create Cateland Jinners and need to be discouraged. American rock bands are marketed to push for male fertilization because America is war driven and needs soldiers.
However females need to be born to keep the crop coming. Musical groups are nothing more than unwitting military recruiters sent out into the masses to build up and restock our armies. ROCK ON. 

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  1. I’m thinking the flute, maybe not so much the tuba…… And as far as the cowbell I got a believe Blue Öyster Cult, Saturday Night Live, and Christopher Walken would beg to differ! ….. I got a fever….. And the only prescription is more cowbell!!!!

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