History has shown that great military leaders of the world such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan have put together huge armies and have conquered large territories and civilizations. Their technique was utilizing officers like themselves who know how to corral racism. The armies are a collection of both native volunteers and captured men who are given a choice, join up or die. Their inborn hatred for their enemies is now aimed at a new enemy by rewards (salaries), and rules (threat of death). This natural survival mechanism is installed in all creatures and is a blueprinted component of life.  Racism in mammals cannot be eliminated, it can only be only redirected. This is what governments do. Training their citizens to respond to their selection of who the enemy really is through propaganda. People have been killing people since they stood up on 2 legs to try and get a better attack angle, but they have inadvertently exposed their vital organs. Utilizing racism is an effective tool and governments employ this strategy every time they feel threatened from foreign forces. They now say they want to try and eliminate racism. Good luck. It’s been installed millions of years ago and is a prime reason why humans walk the world nearly everywhere. What they really want is a collection of beaten down sheep that will give them no internal resistance, but when accessing this primordial response at another nation, send them out screaming at their perceived enemy. Until mammals morph into a rocklike life form and require no protection plan for survival, racism is just an ugly word that man has invented to camouflage the underlying hatred for potential enemies built in by nature. So in order to totally eradicate racism we must eliminate any threat upon our fleshy vessels that propel us. We must all be converted into a perpetual entity that cannot be killed or allowed to rot away. We will all become beach sand. Multicolored, racism free beach sand. 

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