Dr. Jack Surke, an adept archaeologist, spent 3 plus decades of his accolade encrusted career digging through ancient ruins and mining a wealth of knowledge. Familiar with both the Pyramids in Egypt and Central America, he always had theories as to what happened to the people who built them. With their civilizations and languages long gone, he tries his best to figure out why they fell off the planet. Looking at cockroaches as a teaching tool, Jack noticed that they have pretty much remained unchanged for over 350 million years. Their only modification over that span of time has been its diet. 150 million years prior to dinosaurs, they survived on plant seeds and spores. They then switched over to animal wastes and now thrive on genetically modified organisms, thanks to humans. With such longevity, how did this lifeform survive, and ancient, intelligent humans go extinct. The answer appears to be, if a living creature tries to bypass the internal instruction code buried in all central nervous systems, they join the heap of extinction. The ancient civilizations that pepper the planet with fantastic stone structures, all have one thing in common; they are not here anymore. Without a smoking gun, Jack surmised that they reached a scale of sophistication that enabled them to curtail and even eliminate racism. It was this undertaking that sowed the seeds of eternal silence. Entrusting and open to all breeds of humans, they let the fox into the henhouse. As they spent their days solving science, their survival filter was removed and the enemy within was allowed to join in their comfortable lifestyle. Envious of the splendor all enjoyed, greed kicked in some because humans never suppress that trait. It is very good for commerce. These dissidents brewed the murky coffee of revolution and the leadership was killed. Without this organization intact, Academia and skilled artists moved on. Cockroaches are in full command of racism; they hate all in their vicinity. 

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