The mysterious madam of malady that resides deep in the core of many towns is a patient lass who waits in perpetuity for the right to display her talents. She seeks to set up shop in the central business area in one of the many independent cities that pepper the earth. Slow to move in, sometimes taking decades of time to establish her residence, she is persistent. Ann Gina finds her way into the heartland by riding the many freeways and highways laced throughout the city. She originated from a foreign land as an illegal alien that easily passed all the border patrols because of her non-threatening small size and pleasant demeanor. The guards merely saw Ann as a sweet young woman traveling the Bloodlines Bus Company on her way to visit family and let her through. Once in her new home, she headed right for the downtown area and rented a small flat therein. Ann was born with the female nesting tendency and immediately began to decorate her residence with little trinkets of nicky-naky that she found floating in the surrounding rivers and streams. She meticulously hung these sticky plaques on the walls of her apartment until they bulged inward from the pressure. An inborn, compulsive hoarder, Ann left no walls or corridors barren as she turned her residence into an art museum that took over the entire complex. Sculptures and paintings were stacked on top of each other as room became scarce. She soon impeded the flow of traffic until it was painfully slow and concern spread throughout the building. The city fathers with their business as usual attitude did little to clean up the situation and Ann kept piling on the artwork. Finally the house of arts collapsed, the factories shut down, workers lost their jobs and the whole city became a dead ghost town. Ann Gina merely grabbed a few of her favorite pieces, stuffed them in her tweed suitcase and moved on to a new town. She soon set up another modernistic art studio for select educated people to admire. 

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